Welcome to the page of the 5th International Symposium on Probabilistic Methodologies for Nuclear Applications (ISPMNA5)

Since 2013, the Seminar offers a platform for open technical discussions among international technical experts as well as nuclear regulators on probabilistic methodologies for nuclear applications from different perspectives, and the exchange of information related to practical applications of probabilistic methodologies. In 2022, the organizing committee changed the title from seminar to symposium to better reflect the popularity and structure of the gathering.

The presentations will cover state-of-the-art developments of probabilistic methodologies in nuclear industry applications.

Around 30 presentations and two open panel discussions will be scheduled over the course of three days. The topics of discussions include (but are not limited to):

  • Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics (PFM)
  • Probabilistic Fracture Protection
  • Probabilistic Leak Before Break (LBB)
  • Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Development of Input Parameter Distributions
  • Risk-Informed Assessments
  • Development of probabilistic modelling software

The different topics will be discussed in the context of applications in the nuclear industry.  The industry perspective,regulatory context, and the academic quality and feasibility of the proposed methods will be discussed.